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Talitha Consults
Talitha Consults
Interdisciplinary • Multilingual • People-Centered
Picture of Talitha team: Charis, Luz, Eugene, Sean, Wessen, Sao (Jordan), Ehler, Carol

Talitha's Team

Talitha’s strength is its partners and advisors who bring expert-level knowledge and experience from diverse industries. Each team member’s unique linguistic and cultural background further enrich the type of services Talitha offers. The team thinks and acts inclusively while putting equity at the forefront of everything they do. 

Diversity is not what they do, it is WHO THEY ARE TOGETHER.

Charis May Hnin, M.A. 
​Principal & Chief Strategist

Charis M. Hnin is a motivational leader, strategist, seasoned facilitator, natural teacher, community organizer and entrepreneur. She pays close attention to the interconnections between people, place, process and power in her community planning practice and this approach enables her to be grounded, strategic, visionary and effective in serving the needs of her clients. In the last two decades, Charis has consulted numerous CEOs, policy makers, practitioners and senior leadership teams from private, public and social enterprises. She has initiated and guided numerous community partnership efforts to promote thoughtful regional development. Her community partnership and mobilization efforts have been recognized in August 2016 issue of the Seattle Met and the South Sound Business Journal. Her entrepreneurial practices started at the age of sixteen when she successfully launched her first business in the food service industry, selling fresh-made Sushi at food service counters located in neighborhood grocery stores in Northwest and West Seattle. Her industry experiences include holding front line and leadership positions in community development, housing, consumer protection, human services, educational leadership, workforce education, change and growth management and international business. Her experiences living and working abroad enable her to meaningfully connect with people across cultures. Charis believes that equitable and sustainable community planning is a multi-sector effort. Guided by this principle, she intentionally founded Talitha Consults with trusted experts from diverse industries who are also committed to the same principle. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and Communication from Seattle Pacific University and a Master’s degree in Community Planning from the University of Washington. Charis finds joy in singing, dancing and eating good food with close friends and family.
Language: Burmese

Carol Rozumalski, MEd, MSW

Associate Principal

Carol is a creative and dynamic project manager who uses her love of connecting with people to form trusting relationships and to support community-based activism. Carol has led large-scale projects to expand non-congregate sheltering options, improve service integration for youth and young adults experiencing homelessness, and increase trauma-informed homeless outreach in Seattle, Washington. Driven by multidisciplinary experiences as a social worker and educator, Carol has a zest for shared learning and centering people with lived experiences in developing projects and process improvement. Undaunted by trying new things, Carol has embraced iterative processes to improve access to transitional housing, eliminate barriers to permanent housing, and improve service outcomes for BIPOC communities. Carol has been a trailblazer her entire life and began creating pathways for all as a student in Issaquah, Washington. Carol was the first wheelchair-using student to attend Liberty High School and proved students with disabilities could be fully included in all aspects of student life. With ongoing determination, Carol uses her expertise in Section 504/A.D.A. to ensure community-based programs are accessible to all.

Eugene (Ievgen) Marmaziuk
Manager, Business Operations & Executive Support​

Eugene is a highly skilled business professional who plays a pivotal role in supporting Talitha Consults by overseeing its day-to-day business operations and providing executive support. As a first-generation Ukrainian-American immigrant, Eugene has cultivated a deep understanding of the complex needs and challenges faced by low-income households, underserved populations, immigrants, and refugees. He holds a magna cum laude BA in Business Administration – Management from the University of Washington (Tacoma), along with two minors in Economics and Nonprofit Studies. Eugene's expertise encompasses project management, data management, community engagement planning, qualitative and quantitative analysis, as well as offering multicultural and multilingual insights. In his capacity as a business operations and executive support manager, Eugene is instrumental in steering the firm's operational functions, ranging from data management and IT to pursuing and researching new business development opportunities.

Language: Russian and some Ukrainian

Luz Boys, M.A.

International Affairs & Multicultural Communication| Partnership Development | Stakeholder Engagement

Luz supports Talitha with design and implementation of multicultural, multilingual and multifaceted stakeholder engagement. Luz also brings extensive leadership and front-line experience in community development, specifically in Southern California. Her extensive experience living and working abroad has afforded her with impeccable ability to observe, synthesize and analyze discourse analysis based on empirical data and methodical research. In doing so, she can generate insights most useful and actionable for her clients. Luz also brings excellent business acumen and impressive marketing skills to the team. Independent of Talitha, Luz founded and continues to operate her own international tea company, My Tea Places. Luz has lived in China, Mexico and various parts of the United States. Luz received her MA from the University of Washington.
Languages: Spanish and some Mandarin Chinese

Mohamed Jafar
Restorative Justice & Political Mobilization for New Americans

After completing high school in Burlington, VT, Mohamed attended Colby-Sawyer College in New Hampshire, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. In his final semester, he had the opportunity to work as a federal policy research assistant for the Northeast-Midwest Institute, located in Washington D.C. Mohamed is now employed with the City of Burlington as a Court Diversion Coordinator, where he provides services to individuals at the intersection of mental health struggles, substance use, and the criminal justice system. Mohamed is also invested in community activism. In 2018, He worked with Senator Sanders’s office to organize a town hall event aiming to assist resettled Americans in registering to vote and getting to know Bernie Sanders and other legislators. In 2019, he went on to spearhead a project with the Secretary of State’s office focused on making voting more accessible and welcoming for resettled Americans. He has worked closely with both the City of Burlington and with stakeholders at the state level as a bridge to the resettled American community. Mohamed feels incredibly fortunate to have grown up in Burlington, Vermont and is humbled everyday by the opportunity to give back to it.
Languages: Somali and some Swahili

Jonathan Joseph, MUP, MPH

Advisor | Equitable Policy Development & Community Planning

Jonathan has deep roots in community and continues his passion for community advocacy working to elevate the lived experience of people to policy and decision-making systems. Jonathan graduated from the University of Washington with a double-master’s in urban planning and public health. His work focuses on understanding how the built environment, and policy and actions within communities, effect the economic, educational and health outcomes for individuals. As a melanated, multi-lingual immigrant to the United States, Jonathan experienced the challenges of systemic oppression, and has used that experience to root his work in undoing historically systemic oppression, and provide direct service to communities. In his recent role as an Executive Director of Tukwila Children’s Foundation, he has worked to foster an organization grounded in the experience of students and families in the community. His work has helped create actionable systems that decolonize wealth, provide direct service aid to students, and elevate student voice to state education policy boards. Jonathan uses his experience to build trusting, authentic relationships in the community; partnering together to find creative solutions. 

Language: Hindi

Thao Le, MAHRM

Community Partnership Advisor

Thao Le will be supporting the team in Community Partnership. Since joining Talitha, Thao has already demonstrated her exemplary skills in building community relations and grant writing. Thao grew up in Vietnam and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Finance before pursuing a Master's degree in Human Resources from the Coventry University in the United Kingdom. After graduation, she worked in the Human Resources field for six years in Vietnam, gaining valuable experience in various roles, with her most recent role being Human Resources Business Partner for Openasia Group. Later on, Thao met her husband and moved to the United States with him, and they now have a lovely and active toddler. In her free time, Thao enjoys reading books, yoga, hiking, cycling, and other outdoor activities.Throughout her professional and personal life, Thao expressed that she values the importance of family, hard work, and personal growth. She is determined to continue expanding her knowledge and skills while raising her child in a loving and supportive environment.

Languages: Vietnamese

Shawn K. Liu


As an undergrad at a state university in Oregon, Shawn adds innovative and fresh perspectives to the team, specifically in data entry and analysis and organization. Shawn’s strength in staying organized helps the team to plan, track, report and complete projects timely and efficiently. Shawn’s endearing sense of humor and contagious laughter brighten the days of those he encounters and make him a delight to work with. Shawn is currently studying Bio Health Sciences with the dream of becoming a health care provider in the future.
Language: Some Burmese and most fluent in Pokemon

Olivier Matendo


Olivier is a recent graduate from the University of Washington Tacoma. He earned his BA in International Studies and Human Rights. He was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and fled the country in 2007 and became a refugee in Malawi. His refugee experience propelled him to seek and study International Politics. Recently he joined a graduate program at the University of Washington Seattle, where he will be focusing on policy analysis and evaluation, and social policy.
Languages: Swahili, Kirundi, Kinyarwanda, and Chichewa

Michelle May Nwe Soe


Michelle is a versatile, resilient professional with a rich media, advertising, and hotel management background. Initially from Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), Michelle earned an associate degree in Business Management and Hospitality Management at Highline College and completed some courses at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle,WA. Michelle's adaptability coupled with crisis management prowess were tested during her tenure in Myanmar, where she successfully managed the opening phases of a boutique hotel while navigated social and political challenges from a recent military coup amidst a global pandemic. Independent of Talitha, Michelle also serves as a Business Development Manager at KAI360 and Future Com Advertising Media in Myanmar. She excels in identifying market opportunities, leading cross-functional teams, and implementing innovative marketing strategies. Her dedication to driving business success in dynamic environments is matched only by her commitment to supporting her community and positively impacting wherever she lands. Michelle enjoys traveling, exploring new cuisines, and spending quality time with family and friends outside of work.
Languages: Burmese

Grishma Pandya

GIS Analyst-in-Training

As a first-generation student and an immigrant woman, Grishma considers herself fortunate to have seized the opportunity to pursue higher education and create a positive impact in communities. She is an architect, planner, and sustainability enthusiast with an unwavering dedication to fostering innovative problem-solving for intricate matters, such as equity, diversity, and inclusivity. Her educational and professional journeys have inspired her to make communities better places for all. As a recent graduate from San Jose State University, she is deeply involved in developing safe streets through policy and design implementations in various transportation systems. Vision Zero initiatives have been her area of interest. Before completing her master's degree, she worked as an architect on rural development projects in India, gaining hands-on experience with development projects and the challenges faced by underprivileged communities. Her aim is to represent underserved communities and provide them with equal opportunities. In her vision, she aims to eradicate homelessness and provide each person with secure and affordable living conditions. She firmly believes that every problem holds the potential to be solved with the help of strategies that create better spaces for all.
Languages: Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi. She is eager to learn Spanish!

Sean Puno, M.A.

Multimedia Producer & Design Team Director

Sean is an award-winning filmmaker and designer who has mastered the technique of storytelling through multiple digital mediums. His work spans worldwide in areas of entertainment, promotional content, education, art and community support. He is the founder of Puno Pro Media – a multimedia design company responsible for producing digital content to create awareness, promotional marketing, establish branding, instructional support and adopt emerging technology. He builds strong relationships with industry professionals to execute creative digital design objectives for private and public sector clients. He is a passionate educator with teaching experiences in High School and College settings. He uses familiar or new technology and peer interactions to facilitate robust learning environments. Sean facilitates dialogues between students and industry professionals to create career pathways and opportunities for his students.

Talitha's Advisors

Beryne Odeny, MD, Ph.D

Advisor, Sr. | Research & Implementation Science

As a global health and equity leader, Dr. Odeny has a track record of successful global, multisectoral collaborations with public sector leaders, community leaders, program managers, scientists, clinicians, patient groups, and funding agencies, among other stakeholders. Dr. Odeny excels in guiding organizations to translate data into meaningful information for transformative programmatic and policy impact. This, coupled with her expertise in clinical research, operations research, and analytical skills, equips Dr. Odeny with holistic guidance and insights to multisectoral clients that Talitha supports. Dr. Odeny is a medical doctor with a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Nairobi, Kenya, and a Master of Public Health degree in Global Health and a Ph.D. in Dissemination and Implementation Science from the University of Washington. Guided by the best practices from the implementation science field, she ensures that key deliverables for Talitha’s clients are effective, meaningful, sustainable, and measurable.
Language: Swahili & Luo

Yin N. Liu

People Migration (refugees and immigrants in the Pacific Northwest), Aging and Disability Services, Youth & Family Services

Yin brings over 11 years of experience in refugee resettlement and immigration services. She currently works in Oregon as a social worker for Aging and Disability Services. Yin’s incredible ability to deliver equity-based human services (i.e., meeting people where they are at) has been one of the guiding principles for the Talitha team. Her rootedness in her immigrant story has enriched many immigrant and refugee families near and far. Yin lives in Oregon with her husband and two children. In her own words, “my joy is complete when I’m home relaxing with my children after a long day of work!”
Language: Burmese

Adam J. Loeffler, Professional Engineer, P.E., M.S.

Built Environment, Spatial Planning, Structural Engineering

Adam advises Talitha’s team using his expertise in structural engineering and development life-cycle and support. He holds a Masters degree in Engineering from the University of Washington. He currently works as a Project Engineer for one of the largest consulting engineering firms in the Greater Puget Sound Area. Adam’s compassionate, attentive and soft-spoken leadership sharpen the firm’s organizational values and cultures. Adam finds joy in being outdoors, carving wooden spoons and hiking with his family and close friends.

Charles H. Loeffler, MSW
Child and Family Welfare, Substance-use Recovery, Trauma-informed Practice, and Adolescent Mental Health

Charles is a social worker with background in child and family welfare, substance use recovery, trauma-informed practice, and adolescent mental health. He brings skills in collaborative decision-making and leading meaningful group discussions around hard topics. Charles is motivated by helping communities and teams find ways to come together in mutual support. For fun he enjoys bread baking, music making, and exploring the Pacific Northwest’s beautiful outdoors.
Language: Some Spanish

Amy Chen Lozano

Multicultural Communication and Partnership Development Advisor

Amy is actively involved in community organizations, serving as Treasurer for the Seattle Chinese Athletic Association and a member of the Board of Trustees for Chong Wa Benevolent Association, and contributing to Transit Equity for All. Amy, who is bilingual in English and Cantonese, is committed to advocating for her community and its non-English speaking senior residents, focusing on bringing essential resources into the historically marginalized neighborhood of Chinatown-International District. Independent of Talitha, Amy teaches courses in laws related to Powers of Attorney, Divorce and Beneficiary Designations, and Guardianships and Conservatorships across fifty states. She is a foodie and social media influencer.

Jennifer V. Nguyen, M.A.
Research Assistant (Housing Stability & Homelessness Prevention)

Jennifer holds a Masters degree in Community Planning from the University of Washington. Prior to joining Talitha, Jennifer worked as Legal Researcher for a corporate law firm immediately after she completed her Political Science Degree from the University of California, Los Angeles. Jennifer was awarded outstanding research award for her graduate research work in Place Attachment. Jennifer finds joy in spending time with her family and loved ones.
Language: Vietnamese

Ehler Win
Community Planning, Healthy Food and Language Access

Ehler is a graduate from the University of Washington with a degree in Global Health and a minor in International Studies. Her passion lies in supporting her community through various volunteer events and advocacy projects. As a resident of Tukwila for the past thirteen years, Ehler attended the Tukwila school district from elementary through high school. Her lived experiences of being in a diverse school district and community gives her a rich understanding of what it looks like to live harmoniously in a multicultural environment. Currently, Ehler is a community advocate with Food Innovation Network; a local non-profit that aims to increase access to healthy food and provide food-related business opportunities for immigrant and refugee communities in South King county. She also co-chairs the steering committee and works closely with many partners of Food Innovation Network. Outside of school and work, Ehler is extensively involved in her Karen ethnic community through her role as a youth leader for the youth ministry. She coordinates church and cultural events and acts as an informal mentor for young people seeking to learn more about post-secondary education. Ehler is often commended for being a compassionate young leader and a genuine person that wants the best for others. Ehler is a proud refugee and resident of Tukwila. This – in combination with her ability to converse fluently in Karen, English, and comfortably in Burmese – enhances her ability to engage diverse cultural and linguistic communities in people-centered conversations around community planning.

Language: Karen & Some Burmese

Yuman Xu, M.A.
Associate (Community Planning and Design)

Yuman is a natural community builder who is able to initiate and foster meaningful engagement with institutions, individuals and families from diverse cultures and nationalities. Prior to joining Talitha, Yuman worked at Campus Advantage, on-campus housing provider at University of Washington (Seattle) where she designed community outreach strategies and visual communication materials aimed to increase engagement and participation from international students. Yuman came to the U.S. from Chongqing, China, where she and her family own and operate one of the most successful property development companies in the region. Yuman holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Business Management from Washington State University and a Master’s degree in Community Planning from University of Washington.
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Chief Comfort Officers

Chief Comfort Officer Freya and Mischief Officer Wilberforce are two indoor bunnies. They comfort the Talitha team with their playful yet calming presence.